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What is a PPSC Challan Form

The PPSC Challan Form is the necessary document to be completed correctly to stand the chance of getting a job with the Punjab Public Service Commission. The document, also known as form 32a, should be filled in triplicate, leaving two copies with the National Bank where you submit the challan form fees.

Information Required on the PPSC Challan Form

Before submitting the PPSC Challan Form for a job consideration with the Punjab Public Service Commission, ensure you fill out the following details properly as the job seeker on the form:

    • Your full name as the candidate.
    • The job post name and subject.
    • Your gender and BPS scale
    • Job case number
    • Total amount deposited

    How to Fill Out the PPSC Challan Form

    The PPSC Challan Form serves the critical role of availing a job opportunity to you; thus should be completed with the seriousness it deserves. You also pay for it, meaning errors can be expensive. To aid you, the following is a simple step-by-step guide on completing the form:

    Step 1: Fill out the Name of the Candidate

    Complete details in the section titled 'To be filled by the remitter.' Under the column designated 'By whom tendered,' enter your full name or that of the job seeker.

    Fill out the name of the candidate

    Step 2: Enter the Government Details

    Through the Punjab Public Service Commission, the government is on whose behalf you are paying money. Thus, indicate the designation of the money as the Secretary, Federal Public Service Commission, Islamabad, as shown below.

    Enter the government details

    Step 3: Enter the Particulars of Remittances and Authority

    This is where you state the name and subject of the post you are applying to get. Provide your gender and Basic PayScale, and the case number of the post as provided in the job advertisement.

    Enter the particulars of remittances and authority

    Step 4: Enter Amount

    That refers to the amount payable to the bank for the forms. Usually, payable to the National Bank of Pakistan or the State Bank of Pakistan.

     Enter the amount payable to the bank for the forms

    At the bottom left corner, enter the amount in figures, the branch name of the bank where you've deposited the money, the bank branch code, and the city/district where the bank is located.

    Enter the amount in figures, the branch name of the bank

    Leave out the area designated for departmental officials or treasury.

    Leave out the area designated for departmental officials or treasury

    Step 5: Complete the Form

    Complete filling the form by repeating the same content in the other parts of the document as they are similar.

    What is a PPSC Challan Form Used For

    The PPSC Challan Form is used by the public service commission of Pakistan as part of the official documents to assess a candidate's qualification for work in public service. It is crucial for the commission to take in new workers.

    Jobseekers will also use the PPSC Challan document to declare interest in public service jobs. These job openings are always advertised by the commission and you will need the form to apply.

    Who Needs a PPSC Challan Form

    A PPSC Challan form is mandatory for any Pakistani job seeker looking to land a job in the public service sector. The candidates have to provide their details and complete the form accurately to stand a chance.

    The public service commission also needs the PPSC Challan form for balancing out appointments and filling vacancies in their payroll. It is a vital part of the commission’s documentation for employees.

    Additional PPSC Challan Form Resources

    Below are some additional resources to help you understand this form and details to include when completing it to stand a chance for work in the public service:

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